Inspiring Animal Rescue Stories

Wildlife SOS engages in conservation efforts leading to protecting and rescuing orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in urban and rural environments across India. In recent years, habitat encroachment and deforestation have been taking place at a startling pace, slowly redefining the boundaries between forest and urban areas. The organisation’s Rapid Response Unit has saved the lives of various wild animals that have been trapped, injured, or caught in such conflict situations.

Established with the mission of promoting wildlife and habitat protection in India over the years, Wildlife SOS has been responsible for rescuing wildlife in distress and working to resolve man-animal conflicts while also taking initiatives to promote and educate the public about the need for conservation and habitat protection.

Wildlife SOS also provides sustainable alternative livelihood to erstwhile poacher communities or those communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance. They study various aspects of biodiversity and conduct extensive in-situ and ex-situ research in veterinary areas, behavioural studies, reproductive physiology, and other fields in collaboration with national and international universities and organisations.

The organisation’s rescue teams work round the clock, attending to distress calls from members of the public, police, animal lovers, and other organizations for wild animals in peril or caught in conflict situations. After being rescued, the animals receive veterinary treatment if required, and are then released back into the wild. Injured or orphaned animals that cannot be released are given refuge at rescue facilities spread across various states.

Over the years, the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation NGO has achieved several victories and carried out many successful rescue operations. Here is a roundup of their top 16 animal rescues!

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