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  • They’re calling it Founder’s Remorse. NR Narayana Murthy founded InfosysBSE -0.61 % in 1981, retired three decades later, came back as executive chairman in June 2013 and stepped down in a year after handing over charge to a professional management led by CEO Vishal Sikka.
  • In the process, he also left the board, which today comprises a non-executive chairman (R Seshasayee), seven independent directors and two executive members (Sikka and COO Pravin Rao).
  • Last week, in a candid interview to the Economic Times, Mr Murthy spoke of a concerning drop in Corporate Governance, at Infosys - which at one point in time was considered as a the Gold Standard in Corporate Governance.
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The number of people who participated in the Bangalore Marathon this year!

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